Methods that Help Raymond Wolk Design Your Paving Project

Raymond Wolk is an expert at paving projects and can help you with all of your asphalt and trucking needs. But R Wolk didn’t earn his paving reputation by being unprepared. Raymond Wolk knows how to get ready for any paving project because he knows the tools and resources to tap into.

Sharing his paving knowledge with the world, here are some tools that help Raymond Wolk design your paving project.

Determining Quantities

Measuring a paving job is crucial and often times the first step to any paving project. Raymond Wolk is always sure to familiarize himself with the area he is paving so that he can determine amount of asphalt he will need. This can be simple if the area is square, rectangular or constant width of road, but this isn’t usually the case as there are typically obstacles to work around.

Paving a complex area can be a daunting task to some contractors, but Raymond Wolk’s paving expertise makes it easier by dividing the pavement area into simple geometric shapes. He then adds and subtracts these areas to determine the area that needs to be paved.

Mix-Type Selection

The importance of identifying the most beneficial type of mix for your paving project can’t be overstated. Raymond Wolk’s principal factors when choosing a paving mix include traffic, soils, characteristics, weather, construction considerations, recycling, and cost comparison. Secondary factors that R Wolk considers when choosing a paving mix include performance of similar pavements in the area, adjacent existing pavements, conservation of materials and energy, and availability of local materials.

Determining Mix Cooling Time

There is a user-friendly online and mobile app called MultiCool that helps contractors like Raymond Wolk calculate the mix cooling times for your paving project. The app requires that users input items such as time of day, latitude, air temperature, wind speed, mix information and lift thickness, type of material being paved over, its temperature and whether or not the soil or base are frozen. The app then computes how much time it will take each lift to cool and when the next lift should be placed.

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